TRON Founder Justin Sun:Staking Economy is the New Outlet of Community Governance

【链得得播报】March 27 (ChainDD) TRON founder Justion Sun, Kucoin CEO&co-founderf Johnny Lyu, and the president of ChainDD Feifan Li participated in the “Roast”of Chaindd.

Justin Sun, founder of TRON, said that the Staking economy not only represents an incentive model but also a new outlet for community governance. TRON modified the Staking incentive mechanism in Q4 2019, which changed the block reward of the super representative to 16TRX, and modified the block pledge income allocated to the top 127 super representatives and partners to 160TRX, then the situation where everyone locks up positions and pledges dividends will be released.

He further stated that he believes only by allowing more people to participate at zero thresholds can the blockchain industry develop faster, and the Staking economy has a positive role in promoting the entire industry.



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