2020 CES | IBM and Farmer Connect Launch Blockchain-based App to Track Origin of Coffee Beans

【链得得播报】January 13 (ChainDD) In 2020 CES, IBM and the coffee industry organization Farmer Connect announced the launch of a blockchain-based mobile app called "Thank My Farmer". Coffee consumers can use it to track coffee production, know the quality and origin of coffee beans, and even support farmers in growing coffee beans.

A statement from IBM and Farmer Connect shows that the app was jointly developed by the leading companies in the global supply chain industry, including Beyers Koffie, The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), ITOCHU Corporation, Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE), The JM Smucker Company, Rabobank, RGC Coffee, Volcafe, Sucafina and Yara International.

Farmer Connect is a traceability platform supported by the IBM blockchain, designed to help improve the traceability, efficiency and fairness of the coffee supply chain. According to David Behrends, the founder and president of Farmer Connect, this app provides an interactive map where users can scan the QR code to see every step of the process.



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