Bitcoin Futures Jumped $900 in One Day and Test $9400, Hitting 13-Month Highest

【链得得播报】June 18 (ChainDD) On June 17 EST, the most active Bitcoin futures contracts of two major U.S. futures exchanges jumped about $900 in one session and tested $9400, hitting the highest close since May 4 2018, with the four-session rally in a row. As of June 14, the last session, the futures rose more than 5% in a week, wiping most of decline in the previous week. The week ending on June 7 halted a five-week winning streak with over 11% surge of each week.

July-delivered Bitcoin futures BTC at CME Group, the largest futures exchange in the world, surged 11.1% to $9380, jumping about 5.3% during last week.

June-delivered Bitcoin futures XBT at Cboe, the largest option exchange in U.S., gained about 10.1% to $9285, with a weekly rise about 5.4% as of June 14.

According to ChainDD’s market tracking indicators, Bitcoin spot price on Binance also traded above $9200, advancing more than 1% over the past 24 hours.



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