Former China Securities Regulatory Commission Chair: Digital Shares are Expected to Emerge in Future

[ChainDD report] May 25 (ChainDD) At the 2019 Tsinghua Wudaokou Global Finance Forum held on May 25, Xiao Gang, the former chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), noted a new wave of technologies represented by cloud computing, big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence sprung up these years are transforming and upgrading traditional securities industry and giving birth of new goods and services such as finance cloud, big data funds and intelligent investment advisor.

Xiao predicted digital shares may emerge in the future, because companies, especially those in information technology space, which deliver all their businesses and products on the Internet may use technologies directly issue digital shares online without any intermediaries, allow such shares to be traded and transferred among investors, and enable investors to purchase their goods or services via investment in such shares.


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