Report: Binance will “Soon” Roll out Margin Trading

[ChainDD report] May 25 (ChainDD) One of screenshots the Binance’s official Twitter account posted on May 24 showed its trading platform has a tab titled Margin, which triggered speculation that Binance is launching margin trading. Technology media TechCrunch later reported Binance has been testing beta margin trading in selected users. A Binance representative declined to reveal details but confirmed the margin trading will “soon” be available.

ChainDD noted soon after Binance was hacked 7000 Bitcoin (BTC), its CEO Zhao Changpeng revealed on May 8 in online Q&A that margin trading is at test mode. Binance official Twitter account then reaffirmed it is testing margin trading and asked senior traders if they can provide any valuable advice. It also invited a few traders who left advice to join in the final test.


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