OKEx Became Largest Crypto Derivatives Marketplace with Daily Volume over $2.4 Billion

[ChainDD report] March 16 (ChainDD) On March 14 EST, OKEx’s cryptocurrency derivatives of 24-hours was about $2.4 billion, and 56% of traders are Bitcoin bull, reflecting market’s optimism on Bitcoin, according to CryptoGlobe cited from OKEx’ management team.

OKEx also revealed that its derivatives marketplace became the top of the world by trading volume, just 85 days after it launched Perpetual Swap, a derivative product without expiry. The option has recorded more than $53 billion trading volume since its inception.

ChainDD noted that OKEx launched Perpetual Swap last December. Users can bet on Bitcoin’s future in US dollar. Each swap contract has a face value of $100, with the available leverage between 1X to 100X.


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