People’s Forum: Officials Need New Training Since Blockchain Poses New Challenge to State Governance

[ChainDD report] March 14 (ChainDD) People’s Forum, a biweekly journal initiated by China's biggest newspaper group People's Daily, published an article entitled How to Build a Team of Loyal Official. It said since the opening and reform brought new situation and challenges for China’s economy and society, along with more uncertainties and risks at home and abroad, the decision responsibility of government officials became increasingly heavier and professional threshold for them also became higher.

By taking an example of the new technology revolution, the article noted that cloud computing, data governance, blockchain, mobile government, artificial intelligence and other emerging knowledge, concepts, technologies and approaches poses many new challenges to administration of the country. If officials lack of such knowledge, they are prone to turn into formalism and vanity projects for political career during decision of public projects. Even worse, some of them could violate political discipline. Therefore, it is required to enhance training officials for new knowledge and technologies to make them keep up with the new era.


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