Thailand Stock Exchange Governor Want Government Do More to Encourage Digital Economy Growth

[ChainDD report] December 7 (ChainDD) If Thailand government is only concerned on investment frauds, it could fall behind in fostering blockchain startups, Prinn Panitchpakdi, Governor of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), commented on Thailand’s upcoming licensing blockchain and cryptocurrency companies, during his interview with Bitsonline.

Panitchpakdi believes Thailand government should do more to encourage the growth of the digital economy, rather than to risk stifling it. He describes himself as “more liberal” in terms of regulation, and warns if holding the over-cautious and “iron fist” approach to deal with new entrants to the market, the government could stifle a promising new industry.

He also thinks Thailand could set friendlier tax conditions for blockchain startups if it wishes to become a leader of blockchain technology.


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