First Blockchain Index Released in China A-Share Stock


Jan 02

摘要: Shenzhen Stock Exchange released the first blockchain index—Blockchain 50 Index on December 24, 2019.

First Blockchain Index Released in China A-Share Stock

The index started at point 3120.58 at the beginning of the day and rose swiftly before going down. At around 10 am during the morning session, the index was at point 3116.61 and began to increase. By the end of the business day the index was at point 3155.03 and increased 1.15%. Among the A-share markets, Shanghai Composite Index gained 0.67%, Shenzhen Component Index gained 1.32% and GEB Composite Index gained 1.91%.

Latest news about Blockchain 50 Index

The Blockchain 50 Index is based on performance of listed companies in Shenzhen Stock Exchange covering blockchain companies in all streams. The Index uses the top 50 blockchain stocks which are ranked based on their daily market value over the past six months.

In the field of Index Stock, the top stocks are Leo Group, YGSoft and Zhongqingbao. Leo Group had the highest growth of 9.84% among the Blockchain 50 Index. Among all 50 concept stocks, 39 of them had gained, 9 had losses and only Visual China Group and Kingland Technology had a flat plate.

The code of Blockchain 50 Index is 399286 with 31 December 2012 as the base date. The base date point is set as 1000. The index is weighted by free float market value, and the sample stocks are regularly adjusted on the next trading day of the second Friday in June and December each year. The index compilation plan of the China Securities Index shows that the sample space for Blockchain 50 is all A-shares listed and traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange that meet the following conditions:

1. Non-ST and ST shares

2. Listed for more than six months;

3. The company has no major violations in the past year and no major problems in financial statements;

4. The company has had no abnormal operations and no major losses in the last year;

5. No abnormal fluctuations in stock prices during the inspection period;

6. The company's business area involves the upstream, mid-stream and downstream of the blockchain industry, including hardware equipment, technology and services, and blockchain applications. Judging from the current market capitalization of selected stocks, the leading stocks of Midea Group, Ping An Bank, Oriental Fortune, Suning, SF Holdings are all listed.

The Internet Information Office had issued two batches of "Domestic Blockchain Information Service Recording List" on 30 March and 18 October respectively, which involved multiple A-share listed companies. According to the Liande App, the 27 batches of A-share listed companies including Yijian, Anni, Ping An, Xinhuanet, etc. were included in the first batch of blockchain filing records of the Cyberspace Office. 19 A-share listed companies such as ICBC, Midea Group, and China Southern Airlines were all on the second-round list.





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