"Prophetist" George Gilder: Blockchain Cryptographic System Will Rise, and Google System will Decline | 2019 CHAINSIGHTS


Dec 08, 2019

摘要: Gilder made an important prediction in 2019 T-EDGE: the post-Google era is coming, the blockchain encryption system is bound to rise, and the Internet giants are destined to weaken.

Gilder made an important pre-judgment at 2019 T-EDGE: the post-Google era is coming, the blockchain cryptographic system is bound to rise, and the Internet giant is destined to weaken.

The “king of the high-tech prophets” George Gilder, respected by Ren Zhengfei, made his latest important prediction at the 2019 T-EDGE Global Innovation Conference sponsored by TMTPost and the National New Media Industry Base and co-sponsored by ChainDD.  He believes that the blockchain cryptographic system is bound to rise, and the Internet giant is doomed to decline-it is time for the global system to build a new information architecture.  He called it the "post-Google era."

As a well-known American economist, futurist, and one of the three thinkers in the "digital era", in the late 1980s, he accurately predicted the prosperity of the semiconductor era; in the 1990s, he became an advocate of the Internet and the new economy and predicted the change from the local area network ("microcosm") to the central Internet ("remote view of the universe") ...

In his opinion, what now dominates is Google's ecosystem-in the past few decades, Google's ecosystem has gathered the world's economic systems, providing big data, cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and search  and  satisfaction services, creating a new ecosystem that can provide the knowledge, services and products that people want for free, and of course the various advertisements we see.

However, lack of trust and security is Google's fatal weakness, and the current computer and network systems cannot resolve this crisis.  If value and security are not part of the information technology architecture, then that architecture must be replaced.

Therefore, George Gilder believes that a free economy based on advertising revenue and the safe use of citizens' privacy will give way to privacy and security-based systems.  The "cryptographic system"-the new architecture of blockchain derivatives-is where the future of humanity lies.

In this regard, George Gilder also made a detailed comparison of the differences between "Google's Law" and the laws of the blockchain.  For example, Google values ​​users and provides free services, but the blockchain world focuses on security and makes itself the world top 1  in security; Google pursues the greatness of the company, but blockchain provides a framework to help make users great.

At the same time, Gilder also believes that this cryptographic system will also bring about changes in the world's financial system, because blockchain can provide a new measure of currency, which is time



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